About us


    Heath World is created by health professionals and our experience in the medical sector enables us to supply these professionals with innovative, cutting edge and affordable medical equipment. Our extensive, 25-years old experience in the medical sector enables us to understand what health professionals need and our goal is to fulfill their needs with excellence and professionalism.

    Our goal

    We are not just another company that supplies the medical market with medical devices. Our goal is to partner with our clients in ensuring the safety, profit maximisation and speed of each treatment and in significantly improving patient experience.

    After-sales Service

    Our after-sales service team prioritises the training and education of our clients and facilitates the effective use of the supplied equipment. Moreover, our engineering department repairs any medical device in a timely and affordable manner and according to the manufacturer specifications in order to maintain the initial operational capacity of the device.




    HealthWorld is here to provide you with more information, answer any questions you may have and offer effective solutions for your needs.


    We supply the best medical equipment.

    Working on providing new ways to help patients be healthy.

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