Medical Lasers

    Innofil +


    Inno plus

    RF Micro needle & Cannula system

    Effective treatment for areas that cannot be treated with any other devices can be treated very easily!!

    RF Thermolysis

    Acne, Spider Vein, Syringoma, Fine Wrinkle

    RF Subcision

    Small Fat Reduction, Facial Local Lipolysis, Skin Lifting, Facial Contouring

    “Triple Effect”
    With one treatment, you can feel the three effects simultaneously.

    Lifting : Immediate lifting effect right after the procedure
    Filling : RF Thermolysis techniques help reproduction of skin fibroblasts to volume-up effect
    Smoothing : Forms smooth skin by the RF function

    The principle is to help regeneration and to lead fibroblasts encouraged to produce collagen by itself through thermal energy disassemble irregular fiber cells under wrinkles and scars.

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