Medical Lasers

    Sapphire LS-1200

    Diode Type 
    Semiconductor Class 4 
    Output Power 
    1200 WATT/ 200 A 
    Spot Size 
    10x12 mm 
    Pulse Duration 
    From 15ms to 400ms 
    Speed Duration 
    From 1 to 15 Hz 
    Crystal Type 
    Shots Warranty 
    10.000.000 or 2 years 

    Recovering the softness of your skin

    Diode laser hair removal

    Cooling unit


    Its cooling system inside the computer allows you to maintain a working temperature of -7 ° C, so the comfort, protection and little sense of pain is perceived by the end client.

    Sapphire LS-1200 does not have any deposit or external element, making it easy to transport or relocate.

    Temperature of Working

    Our diode laser displays permanently on its screen and in real time the temperature at which is the handpiece point, observing at every moment that the treatment is being done below freezing, with temperatures that reach until -7ºC .

    Technological Improvement

    Sapphire LS-1200 incorporates a new cooling system without H2O to the handpiece, that in another advantages, its allows us to reduce the stress of the diodes produced by the high power and therefore to increase it durability. Moreover, with this technology, we make the most delicate and costly component in a solvent piece with 10,000,000 shots guaranteed, so we can say that we eliminate the elements of replacement and consumables.

    Improved experience

    The Depil-Ice Sapphire, technology allows to the laser hair removal treatments of high power diode, to increase the thermal sensation of cold putting its tip in contact with the client’s skin at a temperature up -7ºC. This reaction causes an effect of anesthesia preparing the skin to receive the heat energy of a high power laser shot. It reduces considerably the discomfort, so it increases the welfare of the client during the laser hair removal session.

    High power and intensity
    Display and configuration

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